2 serendipity team members with the staff of aspire mobility.

About Serendipity Tamworth

Since 1994 the Serendipity Committee Tamworth have continued to raise funds for the benefit of local breast cancer patients.

Our objectives are:

  • To improve local facilities for cancer patients
  • To purchase equipment and improve services for women living with breast cancer in the New England and North-West
  • To promote breast health awareness and regular screening

Read below about some of our recent activity in the community to benefit those battling cancer in our local area.

2020 - now

What we've been up to lately.

In 2020 we donated a SoZo body composition analyser machine to the Lymphoedema Early Intervention Clinic at the Tamworth Hospital. The SoZo is like a set of scales which quickly and precisely calculates tissue and fluid composition of the body, which is especially important in the early detection of Lymphoedema in surgical and cancer patients.  This machine was a $17,000 investment in the community from Serendipity Committee Tamworth. The OT’s (Occupational Therapists) now have a full Clinic running using this machine.

Serendipity also continues to support Cancer patients at NWCC with Treatment Gowns, provision of Moo Goo, water bottles and carry bags.

Serendipity have also provided Spotify at NWCC so patients can listen to their favourite music while having treatment at North West Cancer Centre.

At Inala House we assisted with the installation of Wi-Fi for the residents who stay there while having treatment and continue to fund the Wi-Fi.

In 2021 Serendipity purchased an Oxygen Concentrator for the North West Cancer Centre and a Lymphoedema Pump with Compression Sleeves for the Occupational Therapists (OT’s) at the Tamworth Hospital.

Our latest investment has been the purchase of a range of sizes of Treatment garments for NWCC. These special pelvic pants (with Velcro tabs) will be used by men and women having treatment at the centre and will allow the patients some modesty while also making it easier for the therapists to access the area to provide the treatment.

At a recent Committee meeting we have approved some spending which includes:

  • A Lymph Scanner for the Tamworth Hospital Occupational Therapists valued at $9,450.00
  • A Motorised Scooter for a palliative care patient at Narrabri valued at $4,792.80 (this scooter will be retained at the Hospital unit for use by other patients in the future)
  • Some additional Treatment garments (Pants and short robes used by men having treatment for Prostate Cancer at North West Cancer Centre) valued at $2,233.00.

Inala House, located at the rear of the Tamworth Hospital, provides accommodation for patients and their carers while having treatment at NWCC. Over the years Serendipity has purchased 10 hospital beds for Inala, supplied Doona covers, smaller items like Shower Curtains and Kitchen appliances. We are looking at supplying some outdoor furniture also.

Inala House recently received a Grant to renovate the interior and create a Quiet Room, a place where patients can have confidential conversations with staff or just a quiet moment with family. As this construction is almost complete Serendipity will liaise with Kate Bowen, Inala House Manager, as to the furniture requirements for this new space.

One of our long-time committee members has been making Welcome Packs for many years which are placed in the rooms at Inala House so that patients receive a gift that lets them know we are thinking of them while they are undergoing treatment and while they may be away from home and family for the time of their treatment.

We have also been fortunate to be the beneficiary of some locals fundraising receiving donations from The Pub Angling Club, Joblink Plus, Kurrajong Retirement Village, Magpies Rugby League Werris Creek Ladies Day and the recent 2TM/FM 92.9 Bra-B-Q.


Our work continues.

During the last two years many women have deferred their regular mammogram and now there are reports of larger lumps which should have been detected earlier.

Serendipity encourages all women over 40 to call BreastScreen on 13 20 50 and book your free mammogram and please don’t forget to have your regular screening.

October is Breast Health Awareness month, and our committee members recently attended the Peel Street Markets to raise awareness of the need for regular Breast Screening.

Ready to make a difference for local cancer patients?